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Michael Zedalis
Artist | Designer | Visionary
Creative Development & Consulting
  • Residence:
    United States
  • City:
    Clarion, PA | Remote
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Graphic Design
Brand Strategy
Web Design
UX/UI Concepts
Product Ideation
Virtual Spaces
Game Design
Sound Design
  • Affinity, Adobe, & Canva
  • Unreal Engine 5, Unity
  • HTML, CSS, JS, C++
  • Zbrush, Blender
Full Sail

Michael Zedalis

Mastery Journey TIMELINE

My long-term goal is to be a creative industry leader and innovator that prides myself on consistent Creativity Growth Professionalism Passion & Grit Quality Empathy Sustainability

Short-Term Goal: Improved Visibility

Each quarter represents a 90-Day timeframe to complete the goal unless otherwise specified, adhering to STEM standards on goal-setting.

Though my journey toward Mastery is likely to be a life-long endeavor, there are viable, tangible steps that I can take in order to expand my knowledge and potential horizons. As mentioned in my “Turning Point” video presentation from Week 1, my ultimate goal is to be a creative force that is a source of inspiration, change, and sustainability. I want to take everything I’ve learned and the experiences that I’ve harnessed over the course of my life and utilize them in a positive way. The first step to that is creating a brand or image I can really stand behind ~ essentially what I have been doing for other companies and entrepreneurs for most of my career.

I’ve constructed a timeline that outlines not only my long-term goal mentioned above, but a realistic short-term goal that I can accomplish during my time at Full Sail. This short-term goal focuses on visibility and outlines six strategies that will likely significantly impact my marketability and progress toward my life’s task. These include laying the foundation (completing my website), social media expansion & brand consistency, content generation, building a following, professional networking, as well as fine-tuning my business knowledge, online presence, and product offerings.

My Journey Toward Mastery at Full Sail so far ...


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Since embarking on my journey at Full Sail just over a month ago, I’ve already been inspired to jumpstart the progress on my website that I’ve been needing to make (this is hosted on it!), I’ve created some much-needed connections through various social media channels, and I’ve been exposed to many resources and pockets of knowledge I didn’t have access to previously, like this inspirational article on Elon Musk that I found in the Full Sail library: The Architect of Tomorrow. As part of this effort, I’ve also already joined several clubs at Full Sail including the Art Club, Creative Writing Club, and PRIDE club, to name a few by visiting Full Sail One. I plan to enlist in several more and perhaps even establish my own if the want/need arises (I created a 3D Club at Francis Marion University)

Aside from clubs, I’ve also been hard at work at finding other sources of inspiration and information to help me along my journey as well, most notably sites like the Inspiration Grid, DeviantArt, and collections use within Instagram. In effect of being more active on X and LinkedIn, I’ve been kept up-to-date more frequently on inspirational figures I’ve noted in the past like Elon Musk, and ones I haven’t, like Mr. Beast, who continues to be an excellent example of a trend-setting entrepreneuer/influencer who gives back to their community. 

As I continue down this path towards a Master’s Degree, I look forward to expanding my mindset, business knowledge, building upon my online networking and marketing skills, and creating the fundamentals of the business that I will take into the future.  

"The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways."

(2012). Mastery. Penguin. -Robert Greene

“We are all in search of feeling more connected to reality—to other people, the times we live in, the natural world, our character, and our own uniqueness. Our culture increasingly tends to separate us from these realities in various ways. We indulge in drugs or alcohol, or engage in dangerous sports or risky behavior, just to wake ourselves up from the sleep of our daily existence and feel a heightened sense of connection to reality. In the end, however, the most satisfying and powerful way to feel this connection is through creative activity. Engaged in the creative process we feel more alive than ever, because we are making something and not merely consuming, Masters of the small reality we create. In doing this work, we are in fact creating ourselves.”

(2012). Mastery. Penguin. -Robert Greene

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. —ALBERT EINSTEIN”

(2012). Mastery. Penguin. -Robert Greene
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